Skill Development Details

Every human being needs oxygen to survive. Skill Development is as important as this because it gives the knowledge and skills required to strengthen our mind so that we can easily deal with the challenges of life.

Skill Development develops confidence and helps to build a personality of human. School Skill Development plays an important role in everyone’s life. It teaches us about the world around us and prepares us with the tools we need for further success. Skill Development prepares the children to be the future caretakers of this world. The base for good society lies in the primary Skill Development .The Skill Development of a child should start with discipline, manners, moral values, ethics and social responsibilities.

Apart from the curriculum, syllabus etc there are some basic requirements like good infrastructure, a playground, good and peaceful environment, means of transportation etc. For a child to be more active at his/her studies a peaceful environment with good teachers and play way methodologies are necessary.

Parents in rural and remote areas should be taught about importance of Skill Development and should be encouraged to send their children to schools and should be provided with proper transportation facility so that children in those areas will have no difficulty in going to schools.

The fee structure of the schools should be reasonable and bearable for any class of the society. The syllabus in schools/colleges should be updated time to time accordingly with the developing technology. Skill Development should mainly focus on enhancement of the student knowledge rather than testing their memory. Skill Development should not only impart knowledge into students but also should help them to discover their talents. Students should be encouraged in sports and arts along with studies. It helps them to be active and concentrate more. Sports give them a chance to unwind and enjoy the life to its full.  Arts teach creative and innovative thinking. It allows them to think of new ideas and better ways to get something done. Students must be given a proper guidance to choose their career. In India, students join the field seeing the trend whereas in other counties students wait until they get admission into their field of interest. Students in India go with the flow leaving their interests behind. It is very important to encourage the children in their areas of interest because it encourages them to reach heights in their career.

What we do ?

RAISEANARM responsibility is to train children/youth/womens by providing them workshop or skill development training and enhancing their Employment/ Self-Employment opportunities.

We need to work on their mindsets to help them achieve what they want. We would like to inculcate few changes in the student activities by which a student can attain all round development. If all the government aided members join their children in government schools then we can say that Skill Development system in India has changed. This can be attained by implementing new methods which can help them in their higher Skill Development.